Right in the Heart of Downtown Phoenix
The Press Room - 1000 Capacity, Showcases and Full Production Rehearsals

**Notice** Unfortunately my hourly studio location has been shut down as of January of 2017. However, for my national, international, and tour prep clients, I do still have a beautiful private studio and a 1000 capacity sound stage that are available for daily and weekly lockouts. Please check our website and social media for updates on our search for a new hourly location. Thank you all so much for being great customers to The Bomb Shelter Studios, and wish all of you the best of luck with your music endeavors! ~ Chris Forenz – Owner.

Welcome to The Bomb Shelter Studios!! Located right in the heart of downtown Phoenix, The Bomb Shelter has the coolest and the best band rehearsal studios in the city, and probably in all of AZ! And YES, the building really is a 1920’s built historic bomb shelter!


  • 4 Private, Fully Backlined Band Rehearsal Studios, ranging in size from 17’x17′ to 35’x17′
  • A Separate, 13,000 sq ft, 1000 Capacity Venue for Showcases, Video Shoots, and Full Production Rehearsals
  • A Lounge with Coffee, Water, Couch, Table, Chairs, TV, and XBox
  • All Dividing Walls are Decoupled(double framed) and Viscoelastically Optimized for Sound Proofing between Rooms
  • Each rehearsal studio room has it’s own air conditioning unit to even further increase sound isolation
  • Up to 16 channels muli-track pre-production recording
  • Hourly Rates, Daily Rates, and Weekly Rates, 24 Hour Access for Lockouts
  • Lockers and Storage Available
  • Free Parking On The Premises and Loading Dock with Ramp
  • Repairs, Guitar Set-ups, and Accessories Available

Our goal is to provide local and touring musicians with a high quality and inspiring space for writing, rehearsing, and recording. The Bomb Shelter Studios has great rooms and great equipment in a very cool downtown urban environment! Come down and take a tour! Call (480)397-0251 or contact us on our contact page!

– Chris Forenz, Owner   Band Rehearsal Studios, Rooms, Spaces

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