April 16th, 2015


Rehearsal studio competitors? I love them, respect them, and I am friends with some of them. But check this out…

The Bomb Shelter Studios, first of all, has a clear advantage over its competitors in the quality of the rooms and equipment, not to mention, its central location on the edge of downtown Phoenix puts it within walking distance of the downtown shops restaurants, and clubs. The rooms are designed with a decoupled or in other words a double framed wall including two layers of 5/8″ drywall on either side, viscoelastic Green Glue compound in between, and Roxul AFB mineral wool insulation in both frames for soundproofing. The rooms are also acoustically treated on the inside with ceiling and wall sound baffles, corner bass traps, and bass board carpet diffusers to provide a pleasant sound experience with clarity at comfortable volume during rehearsals. Almost no other rehearsal studios have taken this level of care in soundproofing and sound treatment in their rooms. The music equipment backline and PA provided in the rooms is far better than most rehearsal studios in the area. We use professional level amplifiers such as Fender, Marshall, EVH, Mesa, Gallien Krueger, and Randall. Drum kits are mid to top of the line Tama and
Mapex brands. The PA systems include top of line Electro Voice powered speakers/monitors, Sure SM58 and 57 microphones, and 12 to 16 channel Behringer mixers with built in FX. As opposed to other rehearsal studios, our equipment in each room is professional, consistent, and well maintained. We also offer free wifi, a lounge with a fridge, tv, xbox…etc, pre-production recording, on site repairs, storage, 24/7 availability of rooms, a 1000 capacity sound stage room, free secure parking, a commercial loading dock, platform carts, and load in/out assistance. No other rehearsal studios in the Phoenix area even come close to offering all of these amenities at this level! And, the prices are the same or better with The Bomb Shelter Studios!

So…”toot…toot” 😉

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