Pre-Production Recording and Other Services

Pre-Production Recording

What is pre-production recording? This is where you are recording your band to prepare for the studio or a tour. These recordings are typically not used as finished products. They are used for live demos, reviewing performances, writing parts, documenting the writing process…etc.

The Bomb Shelter Studios can offer anywhere from just a basic stereo rehearsal recording up to a 16 channel multi-track recording.

Pre-Production Recording

Rates for Pre-Production Recording:

РStereo Pre-Production Recording: The room rental rate + one time fee of $10. This will be done with a two condenser mic Tascam recorder. Mp3(s) or WAV(s) will be given to you right after rehearsal on either cd or your provided flash drive.

– Multi-Track Pre-Production Recording w/o mixing: The room rental rate + one time fee for mic setup and line check of $40. This will be done with a Tascam 16 channel interface directly hooked into a computer with Cubase 7. Drums will have a bass drum mic, snare top mic, and stereo overhead mics. Bass guitar will be DI before amp. Guitar amps will be mic’d up individually. Keyboards will be DI before amp. Vocals will all individually come out of direct outs out of the mixer to the interface. You will be given the raw WAV files or Cubase session file after the rehearsal on DVD or your provided hard drive.

– Multi-Track Recording with mixing: The room rental rate + fee for mic setup and line check of $30 +… you have two options here…a general full rehearsal mix to a single two track ¬†WAV and mp3 file for single a fee $30, or individually mixed songs to two track WAV and mp3 files with ID3 tags for $25 per song.

Again, I stress that these are not finished full production recordings. They are good demo and live quality recordings. If you are looking to do a full production album quality recording, I am affiliated with several recording studios in town that can provide this service and I can help you with contact information.


Other Production Services

Graphic Design

The Bomb Shelter Studios has “in house” graphic design. Do you need album art? Logo? Posters? Flyers? We can design any of this stuff with you right here in the studios.

Video Shoots And Editing

We have “in house” video editing capabilities and also have affiliation with video production companies that can come in and do multi-camera video shoots. You could do a full production live multi-camera shoot with a multi-track audio recording in our 1000 person capacity sound stage venue called The Pressroom. There’s also lots of cool areas in the buildings and downtown to do a fully produced music video as well.


These kinds of services with all of their variables are quoted on an individual basis. The best thing to do, if you are interested in exploring these options, is to give us a call or email and we can start the conversation of what you are looking for!

Video shoot in The Pressroom

A Video Shoot in The Pressroom